Asker/Responder Chain

The A/R Chain is a online communication protocol to help groups deal with emotionally-charged situations when there isn’t a neutral moderator they all trust.

Asker/Responder Protocol

  1. Asker asks Responder:
    1. What are you seeing? (Perceptions)
    2. What are you feeling? (Reactions)
    3. What do you want/wish for? (Aspirations)
  2. Asker comments using “I like/I wonder”
  3. Responder elaborates (and Asker comments, etc.)
  4. Asker asks Responder: “Are you done?”
  5. When yes, Responder becomes the next Asker

Observer Protocol

  1. Everyone not currently an Asker/Responder is an Observer
  2. Observers must not speak, but should type “I like/I wonder” comments into the chat
  3. Observers should raise their hands if they feel the Asker/Responder are off track
  4. The Asker should interrupt and read the chat aloud if a majority of Observers are raising their hands


  • The first Asker is called the Starter
  • Each Asker chooses the next Responder
    • Prioritize members who haven’t gone yet / recently
    • The Starter should only be chosen after everyone else has gone

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