Bono’s Radical Centrist Sermon

While Bono does not appear to self-identify with any sort of radical centrism, his combination of spiritual passion and data-driven pragmatism certainly makes him a kindred soul. In particular, his remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast were an impressive balance of:
* self-deprecating humor
* hard, cold facts
* appeal to both spiritual values and enlightened self-interest
* generous affirmation of past achievements
* bold challenge to meet higher standards

It is rare for to see either a political or religious speech that dares to tackle these sort of big issues, much less one that does both so well. A genuine inspiration.


Islam, rioting, and Danish cartoons

Like much of the blogosphere, we’ve been having a spirited discussion of the significance of the rioting, sweeping the Middle East in response to some provocative cartoons in European newspapers, and what should/could be done about it. Here’s a few of the threads:

* What  can we do? What should we do about this?
* Open  Letter to Muslims Offended by the Danish Cartoon
* Islam  and hypocrisy
* Media  and hypocrisy

Let us know  what you think.