Is the Christian view of politics libertarian or socialist? As Tony Woodlief mentioned in his column on Friday, the evangelical left has become quite concerned about the number of Christians who praise the writings of the atheist libertarian Ayn Rand: “Rand advocates a law of selfishness over love and commands her followers to think only of themselves, not others.” Politically liberal evangelical groups, like Jim Wallis’ Sojourners, argue for a more state-dependent politics based on Christ’s command to love one another and care especially for the poor.

Last week, another WORLDmag.com columnist, Alex Tokarev, who I have worked alongside for several years at The King’s College, seemed to agree with the religious left that we have a choice between collectivism and libertarian freedom. (I have never heard Alex mention Ayn Rand; Harry Potter is more his taste in literature.) But are the alternatives that simple? Is either of them genuinely Christian at all?
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