Ground Rules of Civil Society
A Radical Centrist Manifesto
Copyright © 2003-5 Dr.Ernest.N.Prabhakar @ (pdf)
Reality is Contextual
I believe beliefs matter:
Truth is absolute
Knowledge is relative
Value is complex

Character is Essential
I believe in Conscious Moral Choice µ:
Conscious in Knowledge to estimate consequences
Moral in Wisdom to optimize total value
Choice in Freedom to find alternatives
for creating or rewarding value

Community is Extensible 
I believe value needs to be χ Created, ρ Recognized, & ν Normalized:
χ The best human act
is the conscious moral choice µ
to use my resources
to create value for others
ρ The next best act
is to reward others
as they create value for me
ν Relative value
is best determined
by honest collaborative inquiry
into competing alternatives

Humility is Teachable
I believe everyone wants to believe they are good:
The Wise examine Character
      The Wicked shrink Community
         Fools deny Reality
            & All of them are me