“Moderate” Hopes for Rational Response to Katrina

While its hard not to be cynical about
politicians, even on a Friday, I did see two articles today that gave me some
amount of hope…

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Rationalizing Civil Servant Incentives

In the wake of the Katrina blame-game, my first
thought about the root of the problem is the culture of risk-aversion inherent
in bureaucracy. Given that we do need lots of people to tackle big problems, is
there any way to organize them to be more responsive and accountable — without
the discipline of the military or the customer pressures of
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Mark Satin pursues “America’s Purpose” at NAF Terrorism Conference

Radical Middle writer Mark Satin outlines “a
12-Point Plan for Combatting Terrorism
and Becoming More
Understanding, More Humane, AND MORE EFFECTIVE in the Process”, based on his
observations of the New America Foundation’s conference on “Terrorism,
Security, and America’s Purpose
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