7/31-8/2/2020 American Resilience UnParty UnConvention


We, as citizens of these United States, in the shadow of COVID-19, believe the most urgent and important virtue we can aspire to as a people is Resilience.

We are not a party. We do not endorse candidates. We are a movement that seeks to develop, promote, and critique policies and systems to create a more resilient Union by nurturing resilient:

  • Individuals
  • Households
  • Communities
  • Economies
  • Governments
  • Societies

We value (i.e., prefer options that favor):

  1. Antifragility
  2. Bringing Data
  3. Decentralized Systems
  4. Emotional Intelligence
  5. Right to Fork
  6. Scientific Method
  7. Skin in the Game
  8. Wisdom of Crowds

Our goal is to recruit at least 5,000 American citizens (plus friends from other countries) to attend an online UnConvention, to develop a series of proposals and priorities to inspire and influence our political, business, and cultural leaders.

The UnConvention will run continuously from 6pm Friday, July 31 to 6pm Sunday, August 2nd:

  1. Congregate: On Friday, Delegates will propose and form ad hoc working groups around areas of interest (a la UnConference)
  2. Create: On Saturday groups will collectively develop and edit position papers on how to maximize resilience in those areas (a la Wikipedia).
  3. Compete: On Sunday, the elected Editors for each group will critique and refine each others work (a la Ethics Bowl), culminating in real-time Ranked-Choice voting to recognize the most significant and well-thought-out proposals.

We hope to create a powerful counter-narrative that enables persons of goodwill on both sides of the aisle to rise above petty partisanship and focus their efforts on policies that are essential for our national well-being.

If you are interested in helping organize this event, please join us on the Radical Centrism mailing list.


One Comment on “7/31-8/2/2020 American Resilience UnParty UnConvention”

  1. […] key enabler was the rise of digitally-enabled deliberative democracy, as exemplified by the first UnConvention of the American Resilience UnParty in the summer of […]

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