Podcast: Towards a Science of Spirituality

I had the privilege of discussing Zoasophy on the Multiple Voices podcast with Claudia Monacelli from Rome. We had a blast! Check it out on your favorite Podcast player:

Caltech Physicist. Apple Evangelist. Spiritual Entrepreneur. Ernie Prabhakar has quite a number of hats! This is a conversation that probably lasts all our lives: Science vs. Spirituality. He comes us with a unique solution and proposal for the future. You can find him here: http://www.2transform.us @DrErnie http://www.ihack.us @microurbanism http://www.RadicalCentrism.org @Stoosian


We discussed how to reconcile faith and science, and why you should never date a physicist. This is also my first attempt to explain zoasophy (my proposed successor to philosophy) to a larger audience.


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