Truth Bowl 2019-08-02 How to Fix Education (Beta 2)

For our second “Truth Bowl Beta” we are pivoting away from a panel discussion towards more of a back-and-forth debate — but with a twist! Rather than judging the two Panelists (“Pitcher” and “Catcher”), the audience (“Fielders”) primarily focus on capturing and rating the most useful Insights that arise during the Bowl using
with the code #T361. As before, the Gospodar acts as moderator and timekeeper.

The Challenge Question will be something like “What single change would ensure education better promotes societal flourishing?” There are three phases: Pitch, Counter, and Reflect.

Phase 1. Pitch (20 minutes)

  1. Pitcher Answers the Challenge (6-8m)
  2. Catcher analyzes the Answer by providing Agreement, Concerns, and Questions (3-4m)
  3. Fielders use to raise Questions, Insights (from Panelists), and Comments (about Panelists)
  4. The Gospador asks the most salient Questions of the Pitcher, who Answers as time allows

Phase 2. Counter (20 minutes)

Like Phase 1, but with roles swapped. Catcher attempts to improve in the original Pitch based on the preceding discussion, and is questioned in turn.

Phase 3. Reflect (10 minutes)

  1. Panelists take turns (Catcher then Pitcher, 4 minutes each) verbally summarizing their greatest Insights.
  2. Fielders do the same on, then rate the Bowl and Panelists (non-competitively) at the end
  3. Gospodar has the Last Word

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