TB 2019-07-12-1500: The Purpose of Mass Education

Around the world, we invest enormous quantities of Financial, Human, and Social Capital in education. Why?  What do we hope to get from it? How can we measure that? Whom can we trust to give us honest answers, rather than merely promote a particular agenda?

In particular, is the purpose of higher education to:

1.  Learn the hard technical skills necessary to land a job
2.  Develop the soft “human” skills necessary for a meaningful career
3. Cultivate the habits of mind necessary for a fulfilling life

And if there is more than one purpose, how do we balance or integrate them in terms of curriculum and funding?

On Friday, July 12th, 2019 at 3PM PDT we invite you to join us online to explore these issues at the first public Truth Bowl.

The Question our panelists will compete to answer for you is, “What is the proper purpose of Mass Education?”

The ultimate Objective is to “cultivate a shared understanding that is both inclusive and opinionated enough to constructively reframe the public debate around education reform and financing” — though this first Bowl is mere baby steps in that direction.

You and the other observers will act as a Jury via Zoom videoconferencing. You will listen to brief presentations, ask probing questions, rate panelists on their clarity and hospitality, and award the title of Domaĝanto (“Question-Tamer, in Esperanto) to the panelist who does the best job of improving your comprehension of the Question and Objective.

The whole event will take an hour or so. You can request an invite by emailing DrErnie@RadicalCentrism.org, or join anonymously at that time by clicking on https://zoom.us/j/2960092796/.

Please invite anyone else you know who is curious about the future of education or alternatives to polarizing public debate.


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