A Perspective on “The Purpose of Mass Education”

Ernie’s raw notes for ⰖTruth Bowl 2017-07-12-1500

The societal purpose of mass education is to Model and Promulgate a vision of how to align personal ambition with the good of society, ie gamifying communal status.

The big question is: what vision?

The small question is: does it work?

Anjali vs Rohan: “become happy and productive members of society”

Virtues: corruption -> redemption

  • self-directed: absorbed-> giving
  • inquiry: idleness -> creativity
  • assessment: compliance -> profiency
  • meritocracy: elitism -> inclusion

Plato’s philosopher kings (modesty) -> Servant Leadership (humility)

Post-modern paternalism

Founder-envy generates adventure versus political


  • Self sacrifice irrational: police, teachers
  • No institutions: Mozilla
  • Stifle creativity: already perverse incentives
  • Nobody will listen: that’s why we are here…

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