Make Entrepreneurship Central to California’s Workforce

Workforce Action Team 2013 Charter | California Economy, California Economic Summit

Dear Workforce Action Team,

Are we trying to solve the immediate problems of matching people with jobs for current industries, or the long-term problem of creating a population that can prosper decades into the future?  Because a lot of us in Silicon Valley are working on destroying the very industries you hope to train people for now!
I believe we have to teach people how to make jobs (both inside and outside existing companies), not merely find them.  Which means encouraging “hustle” rather than merely “compliance”, or even “competence” (a la STEM).  This can’t start or end with college, but needs to span pre-school to lifelong learning. And it we need it to get enough auto mechanics and pizza chefs, not just high-tech startups.
This implies we should make entrepreneurship a central focus of workforce development. Not just in the populations we are trying to serve, but in the institutions that are trying to serve them!  Currently, education, government and non-profits are the exact opposite of entrepreneurial: legacy, driven by their existing structure rather than a deep focus on customers’ needs.

A prosperous California requires entrepreneurial citizens, which requires innovative institutions for developing them.


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