The Second Order Of Business

[Originally posted on November 16, 2006]

The following books seem to share a common mindset about the nature of modern business that represents a radical break from conventional thinking. But, what exactly *is* the common thread that ties them all together? I don’t know, but I hope that listing all their key findings here will leading to conceptual unification — what I call “Kepler’s Hedgehog.”

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The Purpose of Business: Sustainable Capitalism (2.0)

[Originally posted on October 5, 2005]

Eureka! Thanks to John Mackey’s debate with Milton Friedman, I believe I’ve finally figured out the subtle flaw in the neo-classical formulation of capitalism:

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Islam, rioting, and Danish cartoons

Like much of the blogosphere, we’ve been having a spirited discussion of the significance of the rioting, sweeping the Middle East in response to some provocative cartoons in European newspapers, and what should/could be done about it. Here’s a few of the threads:

* What  can we do? What should we do about this?
* Open  Letter to Muslims Offended by the Danish Cartoon
* Islam  and hypocrisy
* Media  and hypocrisy

Let us know  what you think.

Billy Rojas: The Politically Incorrect Martin Luther King

Our resident historian Billy Rojas just published
a two-part series on the ideology, theology, and political orientation of Martin
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Katrina versus Libertarians

Like much of the blogosphere, Centroids has been
discussing the fallout from Katrina and what it tells us about
both government and Libertarian philosophy — specifically, the
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Billy Rojas’ Radical Centrist Manifesto, Part I

The prolific Billy Rojas has just posted another
impressive article, on the detailed philosophical and historical basis of
Radical Centrism:
The Radical Centrist


By :
Billy Rojas

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Radical Centrist Philosophy ? In Quotes!

Billy’s on a roll! He just posted a(nother) very
impressive two-part series outlining the basis of a Radical Centrist philosophy.
The first part is primarily a collection of fascinating quotes from
classical, modern, and current thinkers (including yours truly :-). The second
is what I might call an early historical analysis of the emergence of radical

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Systems Thinking: A Four-Part Primer by Billy Rojas

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The times, were they a-changing?

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