The Left is Seldom Right: New book challenges old Right-Left terminology in politics

From our newest Centroid, Norman Berdichevsky:

Canadian Free Press – This is indeed a book that suits the times with the approaching American presidential election of 2012 in which a large segment of the public may be expected to follow the same trajectory of political thinking by rejecting the ‘glamour appeals’ of the Left with its penchant for identifying itself with so called ‘progressive’ policies.


The Left is Seldom Right, Norman Berdichevsky

To all Conservative and Independent friends tired of the constant Right-Left invective in politics…..If you would like to stage an exciting event with a dynamic speaker….I believe your members will find my new book ‘The Left is Seldom Right’ challenging conventional wisdom and both novel and insightful. I would be pleased to speak about the book before your group.

Listen to two recent radio interviews; Go to  Tea Party Tribune radio show   and/or

Both interviews begin about ten minutes into the program.

I  argue that  the political terms Left and Right,  have often become stale clichés but that the Left has a vested interest in maintaining use of this terminology due to the pronounced left/liberal slant of the media, Hollywood, and many “celebrities”, artists and writers. My book also alerts the public to the imminent dangers of militant Islam and how Jihad has been tactically endorsed by both the Far Right and Far Left in the past

With best wishes,

Dr. Norman Berdichevsky

p.s. You can find my website at More details about my book below…

A challenging and provocative look at the history of “right wing” vs. “left wing” political movements and personalities. Dr. Berdichevsky shatters the ideological prism those terms impose. This book will change the way you view the political world, forever.
 _______Rebecca Bynum, author of Allah is Dead: Why Islam is Not a Religion_______

THE LEFT IS SELDOM RIGHT by DR. Norman Berdichevsky ca. 95,000 words

Table of Contents

Theory and the American Scene
1. The Origins of the Right-Left Metaphor
2. The Leftwing Tilt in Culture in Literature and Film
3. The Sixties Revisited; The Age of Aquarius
4. Can It Happen Here?
5. The Gods That Failed But Still Enjoy a Favorable Press – The New York Times and the BBC
6. Abraham Lincoln – Hero of the Left and/or the Right?.
7. The Religious Left as Potent as the Religious Right
8. ‘Freedom of Religion’; Not an Absolute Right
9. The Stalinist and Daniel Webster
10. The Anachronistic American Jewish Affection for the Left
11. Collective vs. Individual Rights; How the Constitution Has Been Assaulted and Balkanized by Multiculturalism/Affirmative Action

Right Wing Dictators Oppose the Axis
12. Fascist Italy and Austria Hand Hitler His First Defeat
13. Franco, Fascism and the Falange; All the Far Right?
14. The “Reactionary” King Boris III and His Crucial Role in the Salvation of Bulgaria’s Jews in World War II
15. The Soviet-Nazi Honeymoon, September 1939 – June 1941; Allies for one-third of the war.
16. The Danish ‘Far Right’ (Dansk Samling) Initiated the Resistance Against Nazi Occupation
17. The Two International Brigades; One Glorified (Spain) and the Other Forgotten (Finland)
18. Ionnas Metaxas, Autocrat, ‘Fascist”, Monarchist and Germanophile Who Led the Greek Struggle in World War II AGAINST the Axis
19. The Cuban Communist Party Support of Both Batista and Castro
20. Peronism; Argentine Populism of both the Left and the Right.
21. How Israel Went from Darling of the Left to International Pariah
22. Support for JIHAD on the RIGHT & LEFT from the Kaiser through Hitler to the Soviets
23. Marx, Stalin and Opportunism on The National Question
24. Case Closed: The Utter Failure of Marxism-LeninismThree Courageous Women Who Battled the Left and the Right:
25. Sigrid Undset, Oriana Fallaci, Pilar Rahola\The book consists of 25 case studies of major domestic and international crises, wars, alliances, conflicts, issues, and elections that have been the subject of considerable media opinion and comment and most often by the use of misleading Left-Right terminology.p.s. The e-mail below was sent to me from a student at USF in Tampa.
Dr. Berdichevsky,

As a student at the University of South Florida studying politics, I wanted to thank you for your poignant thesis and ideas in your most recent book, “The Left is Seldom Right.”  I ordered a copy and have greatly enjoyed reading
it.  The book has been incredibly helpful in cementing many of my own convictions as well as giving me an ability to counter the far-left lean of my classmates and professors.  All the best.    

-Austin Cline


One Comment on “The Left is Seldom Right: New book challenges old Right-Left terminology in politics”

  1. dymphna says:

    This is a wonderfully useful book. For one thing, the chapters can be read as stand-alone essays.

    For another, it’s full of “recent-ancient” history. For example, what *really* happened in 1948 when Truman gave Israel official US recogition, and the “striped pants boys” at the Dept of State were most unhappy with that decision. Truman comes across as he probably really was: a feisty, humane, intelligent-but-uncredentialed outsider. He wasn’t one of the elites like Marshall and the others. But he was people smart and he rose thru the Dem political machine back home in Missouri & was apptd as Vice President as a nod to the “common people”. No one ever expected he’d have to run anything. That’s why he was given so little chance to win re-election by the pros.

    Definitely a book to give to ANYONE under 50. Prof. Berdichevsky will fill in many of the lacunae in their knowledge of history. No one can fill in ALL of them, but that’s why the book has a bibliography.

    “The Left is Seldom Right” is my favorite book of 2011. One of those books that makes you grab ppl by the lapels…

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