List of Amendments

A Radical Centrist Vision for the Future > List of Amendments

1. President

      1. Executive Privilege
      2. Presidential succession in case of catastrophe
      3. Presidential Pardons
      4. Recess Appointments
      5. Line Item Veto
      6. Covert Actions
      7. National Security Secrecy Restrictions

2. Congress

      1. Laws shall apply to all citizens including members of Congress
      2. Informed Representatives and Senators
      3. Removal from office for convicted felons
      4. Legislative Committee Assignments
      5. Number of Senators
      6. Public interest Congressional Districts
      7. Third and Minor Party Representation in the House of Representatives
      8. Tribunes of the People
      9. Professional and Occupational Balance among Legislators
      10. Coherent and Reasonable Legislation
      11. Term Limits
      12. Up-dating Legislation

3. Judiciary and Criminal Justice

      1. Non-partisan election of Supreme Court Justices
      2. Constitutional Interpretation
      3. Change in the Amendment process
      4. Constitutional Justification for New Laws
      5. Right of States to Rescind Federal Laws
      6. Supreme Court Amendment-Recommendation Prerogative
      7. Truthfolness in Court Decisions (aka Roe v Wade Revisited)
      8. Federal Judges
      9. Judicial Vacancies
      10. Supreme Court Roles
      11. Effects of Overturning Unconstitutional Laws
      12. Equality Under the Law
      13. Speedy Trial in Fact, Not Legal Fiction
      14. Limits on Legal Fees and Settlements
      15. Incarceration costs

4. Elections, Voting, and Citizenship

      1. Electoral College Reform
      2. Primary Elections
      3. Campaign Finance for Federal Elections
      4. Voting Standards
      5. Instant Runoff Elections
      6. Alternative Method of Adding Referenda to Ballots
      7. Overturning of Elections Won Through Fraud
      8. Citizenship
      9. Non-Citizens

5. Governance

      1. Public Employment
      2. Government Solvency
      3. National Budget Deadline
      4. National Budget Restriction
      5. Unfunded Mandates and Conditions on Spending
      6. Responsible National Budget
      7. Limits on Entitlements
      8. With Wealth Comes Responsibility
      9. Limits on Regolations and Secrets
      10. Criminal and National Security Profiling
      11. Immigration-Law Enforcement
      12. State Bills of Rights

6. Foreign Policy and Foreign Relations

      1. Human Rights in Foreign Policy
      2. International Organizations
      3. Qualifications for Ambassadors
      4. New States

7. Economics, Trade, & Business

      1. Commerce Power Limitations
      2. Mortgages and Related Securities
      3. Limits on Interest Rates
      4. Labor Union Rights and Responsibilities
      5. Employee Ownership Rights
      6. Right to Affordable Housing
      7. Financial Services
      8. Protection of Economic Security, Trade Agreements, and Corporate Policy

8. Environment and Energy

      1. Protection and Renewal of the Environment
      2. Coal Extraction
      3. Mineral Rights

9. Education

      1. Educational Objectives
      2. Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for Parents and Teachers
      3. Academic Bill of Rights
      4. Electronic Rights for Students and Teachers

10. Social Issues and Values

      1. Right to Truth
      2. Outlawing Subversive Political Organizations
      3. Elimination of the Category of “Hate Crimes”
      4. Child Pornography
      5. Social Costs & Benefits Accounting
      6. Foresight in Government
      7. English Language
      8. Elimination of Homosexuality from American Society

11. Religion

    1. School Prayer and Education About Religion
    2. Islam is incompatible with the US Constitution

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