A Radical Centrist Vision for the Future

100 New Constitutional Amendments

Billy Rojas – RadicalCentrism.org – 2011

These 100 proposed amendments to the U.S Constitution represent a comprehensive re-envisioning of American governance for the 21st century by Billy Rojas, a founding member of the Centroids community.

Whether or not you agree with Billy on the details, if you are intrigued by the concept of redesigning government to fit the needs of today’s citizens, come join the discussion on Centroids.

A Radical Centrist Vision for the Future


Amendments by Category

  1. President
  2. Congress
  3. Judiciary and Criminal Justice
  4. Elections, Voting, and Citizenship
  5. Governance
  6. Foreign Policy and Foreign Relations
  7. Economics, Trade, & Business
  8. Environment and Energy
  9. Education
  10. Social Issues & Values
  11. Religion


  1. Radical Centrist Principles and Values
  2. Sources
  3. On Libertarianism
  4. Related Resolutions
  5. Jon Roland’s Draft Amendments
  6. Other Draft Amendments
  7. The Anti-Federalist Papers and Proto-Libertarianism
  8. Why We Need Bills of Rights for the 21st Century

Single-page PDF Version (148 pages)


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