Radical Centrist Reformers of the Year

Keith Richman California’s Radical Centrist Reformer of the Year
Honorable Mention for Sacramento Area Council of Governments

Sacramento, CA — January 10, 2005 — News from the Radical Center, California’s premier radical centrist blog, today named State Assemblyman Keith Richman (R-Granada Hills) as its 2004Radical Centrist of the Year for his radically sensible contributions to California politics. Executive Director Mike McKeever received an Honorable Mention on behalf of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) for their innovative, multi-jurisdictional efforts on the regional Blueprint Project.

“Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has made radical yet centrist reforms the focus of his second year in office,” notes Dr. Ernie Prabhakar, publisher of News from the Radical Center.  “To show our support for such reforms, we want to recognize the integrity, courage, and humility of radical centrist politicians such as Assemblyman Richman and Mr. McKeever who are already pursuing creative, non-partisan solutions to California’s most pressing problems.”

Radical centrist reform is becoming the primary focus of California politics, as reflected in Dan Walters’ highly-regarded column in the Sacramento Bee. The term generally refers to an emerging nation-wide movement (also known as the Radical Middle) which leverages ideas from across the political spectrum to solve root (i.e., ‘radical’) problems by transcending the often bitter and increasingly sterile polarities of Left and Right. Radical centrist solutions are being advocated by an increasing number of organizations (e.g., the DC-based New America Foundation) and authors (e.g., KGO host Ronn Owens in Voice of Reason).

Assemblyman Keith Richman earned this distinction by being the most productive moderate in a famously polarized California legislature.  In particular, he is known for his work on bipartisan budgetingpension reform, and fiscally-sound healthcare. As part of this honor, he will receive an autographed copy of Mark Satin’s award-winning book, “Radical Middle: The Politics We Need Now,” plus selections from the Radical Middle online store.

Also honored was Mike McKeever, SACOG’s new Executive Director and a key facilitator of theirBlueprint Project. The Blueprint Project is recognized nationally for its comprehensive, community-friendly approach to proactively managing the region’s explosive growth in a way that benefits all residents. It is hoped that it will also serve as a Blueprint for other state organizations to cultivate effective governance in their domains.

This is the first year that News from the Radical Center has offered these annual awards.  Nominations for next year’s awards can be sent to the press contact below.

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News from the Radical Center is a web log (“blog“) published by RadicalCentrism.org, a tiny little think tank located just south of the state capital in Elk Grove, California. Founded in 2003, RadicalCentrism.org employs radical middle politics and philosophy, transformational theology and psychology, and systemic economics and education to help individuals, communities, and systems become happier, healthier, and holier.

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