Dr. Ernie’s Rules of War

1. Know your Objective
• What you Want
• What you Fear
• What Price you are willing to pay

2. Know your Self
• Your Strengths
• Your Weaknesses
• Your Limitations

3. Know Others as you know yourself
• Even fools love their Friends and fear their Enemies
• The wise love their Enemies and fear their Friends

4. Know your Domain
• Authority is the right to make Mistakes
• Legitimate Authority is responsibility for the Consequences

5. Know your Assumptions
• The Truth is what Works
• What Works is not the Truth

6. Know the Rules and their Value
• The cost of Keeping them
• The cost of Breaking them

7. Know the Means
• You can only Destroy what you Understand
• You can only Understand what you Love

8. Know the Motivation
• What is Celebrated versus Laughable
• What is Ignored versus Unforgivable

8A. Know the Environment
• Move whenever you are Visible
• Rest wherever you are Safe

9. Know the Significance
• To first order, Action matters more than Intention
• To second order, Intention matters more than Action

10. Know the End
• War is about Justice, which is worth Killing for
• Peace is about Mercy, which is worth Dying for

Copyright © 2003 Dr.Ernest.N.Prabhakar @ RadicalCentrism.org


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