Pundita’s Macro-Economics of Micro-Entrepreneurship

My fellow blogger Pundita — mostly on hiatus but returning to a weekly format in April — very kindly responded to my query about fellow blogger Eric Raymond’s enthusiasm for micro-infrastructure:
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Bono’s Radical Centrist Sermon

While Bono does not appear to self-identify with any sort of radical centrism, his combination of spiritual passion and data-driven pragmatism certainly makes him a kindred soul. In particular, his remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast were an impressive balance of:
* self-deprecating humor
* hard, cold facts
* appeal to both spiritual values and enlightened self-interest
* generous affirmation of past achievements
* bold challenge to meet higher standards

It is rare for to see either a political or religious speech that dares to tackle these sort of big issues, much less one that does both so well. A genuine inspiration.

Mark Satin pursues “America’s Purpose” at NAF Terrorism Conference

Radical Middle writer Mark Satin outlines “a
12-Point Plan for Combatting Terrorism
and Becoming More
Understanding, More Humane, AND MORE EFFECTIVE in the Process”, based on his
observations of the New America Foundation’s conference on “Terrorism,
Security, and America’s Purpose
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How to help the Working Poor

Hat tip to Our Friend Andy: The Brookings
Institution has a fascinating presentation that appears to argue that the best
way to help the working poor — beyond creating
accessible, high-value jobs — is to lower their artificially high cost of
living (due to perceived risk, market abuses, and poor

Shortening the “Long Tail” of politics

The Long Tail is a much-discussed phenomena in
marketing and technology circles; one example is how Amazon makes more money on the million non-best-sellers
its able to carry than it does on the top 100,000 you’d find at a corner
bookstore. To put it actionably, rather than merely trying to monetize the most
popular items, create an infrastructure that allows you to cost-effectively
monetize the entire “tail” of the

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Radical Middle Psychology

Hat tip to Yellow Line. Mark Satin recently posted another of his comprehensive analyses of radical middle trends, this time about psychology:

Like radical middle politics, radical middle psychology is pragmatic and ethical and conducive to personal growth. It is tailor-made for those of us who are committed to being fully present for each other while doing great things in this world.

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NAF Rethinks Church-State Separation

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The “Radical Center” in Prosper Magazine, via SACOG

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John McCain on Political Morality

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A Systemic Response to Abuse of “Enemy Combatants”

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