The “Radical Center” in Prosper Magazine, via SACOG

The local business monthly, Prosper
, just ran a piece on Mike McKeever of SACOG, my honorable
mention for Radical Centrist of the Year. While content to
bask in the reflected glow of Mike getting some well-deserved recognition, I was
shocked (in a good way) when my wife turned the page and saw him returning the
favor! After just one sentence on SACOG’s award from the EPA, the article went
on to say:

McKeever has
received an award from California’s Radical Center in Elk Grove [link:], an honor he’s proud of because “it implies serious
progress, rather than mealy-mouthed compromises, by finding the centrist
commonalities in the community.” Radical centrism is a movement that endorses
solving root — i.e. “radical” — problems by leveraging ideas from across the
political spectrum. McKeever says he “totally loves the

I’ve contacted Proper to
express my gratitude; perhaps even more will come out of this, though this is
already far better than I’d