RTFM: The Revolutionary Transparency Manifesto

  1. Asymmetric information is the key enabler of structural injustice

  2. In the absence of information monopolies, the only competitive advantage is asymmetric virtue

  3. Transparent ecosystems inevitably outcompete information hoarders

Notes from August 20th, 2021 Datocracy Podcast

Human Intelligence Augmentation vs Artificial General Intelligence
Rational as a subset of the Real
The Legal System is the execution engine of Legal Code (cf US forking from English Common Law)
Trust is the irreducible element of systems

  • Transparent History
  • Transparent Incentives
  • Voice vs Exit (“take my data and go home”)

Equal data power (despite unequal real power and resources)

Datocracy is agreement on the ‘mechanism’ (protocol?) of data, with the policies being subject to debate and forking.

Q: Datocracy Constitution as both concrete “protocol” agreements and aspirational “cultural” values?
cf DataSet Manifesto


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