Billy Rojas: The Politically Incorrect Martin Luther King

Our resident historian Billy Rojas just published
a two-part series on the ideology, theology, and political orientation of Martin
Luther King, Jr.

In Billy’s inimitable style, it combines exhaustive research
with provocative perspectives that illuminate many things about King, Billy, and
the Radical Centrist project.

A. The
Politically Incorrect Martin Luther King, Part I

? Martin Luther King the Baptist
? Martin Luther King’s Opposition to

B. The Politically
Incorrect Martin Luther King, Conclusion

? The Strange Case of Bayard
? The Unknown Martin Luther
? (or,
Martin Luther King the Radical

the theme and purpose of the article can best be summarized in Billy’s own

any case, we need all of the good ideas that can come our way. Our task is to
know everything possible about the human mind and human society, not only to
understand things of the spirit. We also need to study the past since history is
another word for memory, and the more we can remember the more we are prepared
to fathom the realm of the future.