Pundita’s Parting Shots on Democracy

My friend, foreign policy blogger Pundita, is
hanging up her keyboard. 😦 Well, maybe not
complete retirement, but certainly moving away from a daily format, for reasons
I completely understand.

Before she
left, though, she was kind enough to reply to my thoughts on “glopism” with an essay on the truly anti-Confucian villainy driving China’s military
dictatorship, which distinguishes it from those governments which are merely

However — perhaps more
importantly — Pundita leaves us with at least one ray of hope, inspired by a
poor woman’s word to her village in

We cannot all be
great people but no matter how small we are, we can all do great

And, from someone who can
come across as somewhat cynical about Grand New Initiatives, her quiet
confidence is striking:

age of democracy is here. It’s been such a long time coming. It has gathered a
force that cannot be

I do not
romanticize “the people” or the democratic process. I see them as the only
workable solution to a central problem that government has never faced until the
rise of

in megasocieties have to see evidence that at the end of the road, their efforts
are going toward problem solution, as versus keeping in power an elite whose
only idea of problem solving is keeping themselves in

It’s all over
for them; I know it might be hard to believe at this moment but we’re in the
mop-up period. No matter how ruthless the military commander, no matter how
silver-tongued the demagogue, huge problems rippling in falling-domino effect
through a megasociety are a force more powerful than guns and

today are simply too large to hope that a vast bureaucracy laboring under an
emperor or oligarchy can fill the bill. Thus, democracy is no longer an option;
it’s the only edge humanity has against the downsides of our success as a race,
which is measured in our great

Amen. Thank you, Pundita.
I don’t know whether you consider yourself great or small, but you have
certainly done great things. We have been blessed by your presence in the
Blogosphere. May your circle of influence and joy continue to expand, whatever
you do and wherever you go. God bless you.