Pundita on “Glopism” – a new form of Anti-Government

My friend Pundita had a delightful film-noir take on Chinese politics, apparently
in homage to the old radio drama “Broadway’s my beat.”

When I asked her about
that, she replied publicly with an even more literary comparison of China’s vicious pseudo-capitalism with the
gangster stories of the

What rules in China
doesn’t have a neat label. It’s imprecise to call it gangsterism or
totalitarianism, nor can it be labeled mercantilism or communism. It’s the worst
of everything about every bad system of government, glopped

In that case, I wonder if
we should call it

corrupt government colludes with thuggish businesses and organized
criminalsÊto perpetuate a vicious circle of economic, political, and social
destruction at the expense of those too ignorant to understand, too weak to
resist, or too law-abiding to fight back.”