Pundita on the need to Re-Invent Socialism

While Centroids is busy Re-Inventing Capitalism, Pundita posts a
scatching critique of European socialism.

Her friend Eric
Miller writes:

Both Joffe
and Bark said that the one necessary ingredient for Europe to thrive again
economically is for it to work much harder, which would mean wholesale changes
in work habits and rules. If the Social Democrats retain an important almost
role in the next German government, the opportunity for change in that country
seems limited.

said that the Social Democratic mindset is entrenched, and that Social Democrats
are intolerant of ideas other than their own. They remain determined to maintain
the social welfare system in its entirety. Their central emphasis is on
equality; they give short shrift to incentives that might spur

Joffe observed
that the country is hooked on the welfare system; people are like junkies
dependent on government assistance.

Pundita sums up the inanity

During periods when
Nature allows for stability in human affairs, people have great latitude in
choosing what they wish to believe, and often without undue penalty. It’s when
Nature presents a reality check that the penalties can pile up fast if people
are unwilling to make adjustments in their

We desperately need a third