RCG: Reengineering California Governance

Inspired by my hero Dan Walters, I’ve embarked on
a quixotic quest to reform California governance. I figure there’s three
things that need to happen:

Electoral reform based on Proportional Representation and Condorcet

B. Fiscal reform where
different levels of government are rewarding for creating value (i.e., sane

C. Lobbying reform based on
the idea of real-time transparency and individual

I’ve started by getting
my electoral reform proposal reviewed by the
election-methods mailing list. At some point I need to do more research on, and
connect with, other Californians pursuing this vision (I’m ambivalent about the
for Voting and Democracy
because of their IRV bias, but at some point
I’ll probably need to make peace with them). I’ll try to update this article as
I learn more.