Radically Civil Politics comes to the Bay Area, October 12th

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Mark Satin
Tired of watching left-wing and right-wing candidates and pundits bashing each
other on TV? Hungry for a politics that is actually focused on solving
problems, rather than blaming the other side? Then get ready: Mark Satin,
author “Radical Middle: The Politics We Need Now ” is
coming to the Bay Area on October 12th. Mark is a recovered sixties radical,
known for his work on the “Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada” and “The
Ten Key Values” of the U.S. Green Party. Now, he combines his passion for
helping people and improving society with a hard-nosed understanding of the need
to work within the system and honor everyone’s point of

Mark will be making two
appearances in the Bay Area on Tuesday, October

11:00 AM (corrected): The Ronn Owens Show

KGO – 810 AM (San

7:30 PM: Cody’s Books on Telegraph

2454 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, CA

Bring a friend! This will be
like no other political event you’ve ever attended. For more information about
Mark’s visit, or radical middle politics, email us at normaal@radicalcentrism.org.

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N. Prabhakar, Ph.D.


The Network Of
Radical Middle Activists And Learners
(NORMAAL) is a forum for people
interested in discussing and implementing the ideals of Radical Middle politics,
as exemplified by the works of Mark Satin. It is not a political advocacy
organization, but a peer-support group for people passionate about radical
middle politics to respectfully encourage, educate, and critique each other, as
well as organize activities to build the radical middle community. Our goal is
to both demonstrate and advocate common sense, listening, vision, courage, and
other radical middle virtues.

based in California, we invite learners and activists from across the U.S. and
around the world to join us in developing a more civil