The Declaration of Post-Modern Paternalism

The Declaration of Post-Modern Paternalism
A Radical Integration of Foreign, Domestic & Personal Policy
Draft 3, 12/6/2004     Ernest N. Prabhakar et al

We who are blessed with various resources (e.g., insight, freedom, money) believe our greatest happiness – and highest self-interest – is cultivating those in others. At the same time, we humbly acknowledge our ongoing need to cultivate these in ourselves with help from others.

In light of this, our universal policy — in our personal, professional, and political lives — is to simultaneously Empower, Respect, Teach & Sustain others as ourselves. In particular, we commit ourselves to developing habits, relationships, and systems that:

1. Empower Empowerment
We will support those who empower and reform those who oppress,
starting – but not ending – with ourselves.

2. Respect Respect
We will give, deserve, and demand respect
as the only viable basis for human relationship.

3. Teach Teaching
We will effectively and constructively receive, submit & interpret criticism
in the context of empowerment and respect – even for our enemies.

4. Sustain Sustainability
We will maximize the usefulness of all natural, intellectual, and human resources
for the long-term good of both producers and consumers.

And in support of this policy, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.


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