The Top χ Rejected Radical Middle Slogans

July 4, 2002

The Top χ Rejected Radical Middle Slogans
(with apologies to

12. Make χ, not love

11. Give (every) piece a chance

10. There’s ≥ 3 sides to every story

9. Raising the standard of hypocrisy

8. Not Right, Not Wrong, Not Left. Better.

7. Changing lives, one worldvew at a time

6. You’ve got answers, we’ve got questions!

5. What Teddy Roosevelt would be if still alive
(other than really, really old)

4. All of us are smarter – and stupider – than each of us

3. Truth is nobody’s mistress, but she does play favorites

2. When principles are extreme, only extremists will have principles

and the Number 1 Rejected Slogan for Radical Centrism…

1. Humble and proud of it!


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