The Marriage of Love and Truth

Act I: Separation
They left Home.
The Sky was Dark.
The Land was Desolate.

He said, “I’m tired
of your games
and your crying.
You know nothing of Truth!”

She said, “I’m tired
of your distance
and your harshness.
You know nothing of Love!”

He said, “Good-bye!”
She said, “Good-bye!”

He went North to the Mountain.
She went South to the Mountain. →

Act II: Initiation
She came to the East Gate.
He came to the West Gate.

The Guardian asked,
“Whence come you?”
She said,
“The Vale of Selfishness.”
He said,
“The Vale of Lies.”
The Guardian asked,
“What seek you?”
She said, “The Mountain of Love.”
He said, “The Mountain of Truth.”
The Guardian asked,
“Why come you?”
She said, “To purify my heart .”
He said, “To renew my mind.”

The Guardian responded,
“Enter the Gate.
Your Answer awaits
at the Mountain Peak.”

Act III: Ascent
He said,
“The Sky gains Light.
I can See.”
She said,
“The Land bears Fruit.
I am Strengthened.”
He said,
“I can follow the Sun up.”
She said,
“I will follow the River up.”
He said, “In this Light, I know
The Blindness of the Valley.”
She said, “Amid this Life, I feel
The Emptiness of the Valley.”

Act IV: Signs
Signs adorn the Mountain.
Trails traverse the Mountain.
Only Trails that follow the Signs
Will reach the Top.

The First Sign said, “Self-denial”
She read, “Listening.”
He read, “Humility.”


Act V: Difficulty
The Sky turned Violent.
The Land turned Rough.
He said, “The Clouds
hide the Trail.”
She said, “The Rocks
conceal the River.”

A Sound.
He heard his Colleagues
Call Instruction.
She heard her Friends
Call Encouragement.
They Sheltered beneath the Sign.

The Second Sign said, “Community.”
He read, “Teamwork.”
She read, “Family.”

Act VI: Vista
The Trail turned.
The View opened.
She said, “Now I grasp
The Pain which Tainted
What I called Love.
On the Lower Slopes.”
He said, “Now I learn
The Folly which Distorted
What I called Truth
On the Lower Slopes.”

The Slope steepened.
The Peak receded.
She said, “Will I ever
Care completely?”
He said, “Will I ever
Understand perfectly?”

The Third Sign said, “Confession.”
She read, “Maturity.”
He read, “Wisdom.”
The Climb continued.

Act VII: The End
He entered.
The Voice said,
“You are Set Free
Of the Valley of Sin.”

She entered.
The Voice said,
“You are Set Free
On the Mountain of God.”

He said, “I have found Truth.
I now know Love.”
She said, “I have found Love.
I now know Truth.”

The Last Sign said,
He said, “Hello.”
She said, “Hello.”
The Voice said,
“Welcome Home.”

Copyright © 2003 Dr.Ernest.N.Prabhakar @


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