The Apothegmary of Shame


Significance comes from experiencing
belonging to community
competence over reality
& worthiness of character

Shame is internal loss of significance
Humiliation is external loss of significance


I feel guilt over what I do
Shame over what I am

Guilt implies I could have done better
Shame implies I could not have done better


Shame is the reflex to voluntarily submit
to either subordination or explusion

Warm-blooded males generally fight to shame, not kill

There is no shame in submitting to what is right


Humor helps humans exfoliate shame

Honor helps humans expiate shame

Hatred helps humans externalize shame


Unhealthy shame covers evil truth with good lies

Healthy shame consumes evil lies with good truth

Dratf 1, Copyright © 5/18/2005 Dr.Ernest.N.Prabhakar @


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