The Apothegmary of Happiness


The happiest people in the world
are those who can enjoy doing good for those they love
and are appreciated for it

The more loved, the greater risk
The more loved successfully, the greater happiness

Love & Hate

Love is a state of positive idealization
engaging emotions & intentions
for the perceived good of the beloved

Hate is a state of negative idealization
engaging emotions & intentions
to destroy the detested

Mature love sees both good and evil
and pursues the former while destroying the latter
in the same person at the same time


• Aligning emotional community, reasonable reality & intentional character
• Integrating loving spirituality, faithful rationality & hopeful sensitivity
• Enjoying purposeful humanity, humble individuality & honest sexuality

Yesterday’s philosophy is today’s psychology and tomorrow’s pathology
and often vice versa


The purpose of sex is to develop a family: spirit, soul, and flesh.
Sex metaphors all of life. Not vice versa.

Pleasure is to happiness as sugar is to food.
Sex is to love like pleasure is to happiness.

Men fight.
Strong men fight and win.
Real men fight evil and win love.

Women nurture.
Beautiful women nurture love.
Real women nurture strength and love virtue.

*An apothegmary is a collection of apothegms: small sayings embodying big truths

Dratf 2.3, Copyright © 2004-7 Dr.Ernest.N.Prabhakar @


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