Radical Evil: A Human Perspective on Us & Them

I believe in:


My opponents
– even Them who give themselves to do Evil –
are human beings like Us


Evil typically occurs when Love for Us justifies Hate for Them


Evil is always parasitic on Good
Large Evil requires the perversion of Great Love


The giving up of Hate for Them is a precondition of Wisdom
The Evil we only see in Them is what consumes Us


Anger is a black-and-white photocopy of a full-color painting –
Highlighting contrast at the expense of nuance


Wisdom is the discernment to nurture Good while destroying Evil
as finely as possible
ideally within each individual


Any Good we destroy or Evil we nurture
transfers legitimacy from Us to Them

Dratf 2 Copyright © 10/11/2004 Dr.Ernest.N.Prabhakar @ RadicalCentrism.org


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