Dr. Ernie’s Laws of Marketing

1.    The First Law:
Keep things as vague as possible, but no vaguer.

2.    The Storied Law:
Marketing is nothing but stories, but stories make all else possible.

3.    The Conceptual Law:
Marketing is applied philosophy, reconceptualizing pain and hope.

4.    The Obvious Law:
Nothing is obvious if you look at it the wrong way.

5.    The Questionable Law:
Answers are easy. The right questions are hard.

6.    The Monetary Law:
Money communicates information about value across space & time.

7.    The Professional Law:
Amateurs focus on media & message, Pros on mission & markets.

8.    The Community Law:
Virtual communities coalesce around information flows
like physical communities around transportation flows.

9.    The Optimal Law:
Communities ultimately optimize either to heal flaws or exploit them.

10.    The Branding Law:
“Brand” is the iconification of a trust relationship.

11.    The Converged Law:
Eventually, marketing and reality must converge.
Good marketing delays convergence; Great marketing alters reality.

12.    The Difficult Law:
Of course it is hard. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

13.    The Learned Law:
Good intentions only matter if you learn from your mistakes.

14.    The Segmented Law:
Categorization is recognizing finer distinctions amidst deeper unities.

15.    The Problematic Law:
There’s no limit to what can be solved
if you take responsibility instead of assign blame.

16.    The Ultimate Law:
The customer is not always right, but is ultimately right.

Version 1.4.2 Copyright © 2003-6 Dr.Ernest.N.Prabhakar @ RadicalCentrism.org


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