Understanding – The Real Problem

In a world often divided by competing truth claims, Radical Centrism seeks to build bridges based on effective understanding. In particular, I believe individuals, communities and systems find their greatest fulfillment (are most happyhealthy, and holy) when they seek to serve and honor others (i.e., practice humilityjustice, and love), rather than merely protecting their own point of view.

That philosophy is the basis of this effort to empower people to understand and transform the key institutions of modern society (e.g., Church, State, Family, School, Market, Media). This is done by leveraging insights from three complementary movements:
•    Transformational theology and economics
•    Radical Middle philosophy and politics
•    Systemic psychology and education
My passion is for this integration of personal, cultural, and structural change to help people become more whole and centered (centrist) by being properly rooted (radical) – hence the name.

Please look around and explore how Radical Centrism might help you become more happy, healthy and holy.


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