Sign Up for Truth Bowl v1.0: Thu Jan 24 10:30am

This is it!  Please let me know by Monday if you can join a team for the 1.0 Truth Bowl competition:

Thursday, Jan 24th, 10:30 AM US Pacific Time
We want to put together two teams of 2-4 people each to start discussing the cases in advance.
Feel free to invite anyone else who might be interested; we will also need a few people to act as judges.  A draft Blurb is below (feedback welcome).

Truth Bowl 2018-01-24

TRUTH* Bowl practices respectful listening to promote a deeper understanding of complex social issues. Teams study “cases” beforehand, then take turns presenting a Perspective on one of them for the other team to critique or complement.  This is currently done on Zoom videoconferencing, leveraging written bullet points. Teams are judged based on how thoughtfully they articulate ideas and respond to each other.

Case A: Making Philosophy Practical

Most of us claim to place a high value on intellectual honesty. However, science and popular culture both demonstrate that many of our beliefs and actions are based on subconscious motivations and tribal identity rather than deliberative reasons. What would it take for a high-minded concept like Truth Bowl to help address our most divisive social issues?

Case B: Bridging Religion and Secularism

Historically both religion and secularism have provided societies with unifying contexts for resolving disagreements. Today, however, they have often become a source of conflict due to very different (some would say opposing) worldview and sources of authority.  How might TRUTH Bowl help such communities identify common ground for enabling constructive collective action?

*TRUTH: Thoughtfully Refining Understanding Through Hospitability

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