“Moderate” Hopes for Rational Response to Katrina

While its hard not to be cynical about
politicians, even on a Friday, I did see two articles today that gave me some
amount of hope…

Pundita weights in on two normally partisan
sources’ “surprisingly objective” analyses of, respectively, what went wrong and
how to pay for

and the Wall Street Journal editorial board are willing to chuck partisan
politics long enough to take an objective look at fundamental issues, this is a
sign that the rest of us should

On the flip side, Our Friend Andy links to a csmonitor article about how moderates may hold
the trump card in ongoing discussions in

a highly polarized House and Senate, moderates with a record of cooperation with
the other side of the aisle are leading probes into government’s response to
hurricane Katrina. Informally, they’re also working to broker bipartisan
solutions for how to pay cleanup costs expected to exceed $200

While not exactly reason
for celebration, it is certainly a trend that should be encouraged. As Pundita

Americans can manage to stay on track, this will not only do the United States a
world of good; it will also serve as a model for peoples around the world who’ve
never known anything but a raw deal and crocodile tears from their political

Even those of us who’ve at
least had a
deal, and crocodile
would look forward to that!