Big Ideas from the New America Foundation

The New America Foundation says they’re going to
sending out biweekly email updates, which should provide useful content for this
blog (alas, they don’t yet have their own RSS feed :-(). There’s some nice
items in today’s missive,

? A proposal for John
Kerry to pursue a foreign policy based on “respect,” as the radical middle
between fear and love, in the cleverly titled “What Would Machiavelli

? Ted Halstead
tries valiantly to interject serious issues into the Presidential campaign in
Where have all the big ideas gone?” In addition
to the familiar issues of trust funds, smart health coverage, and consumption
taxes, I saw some that were new to me: ending farm subsidies, incenting energy
independence, and building a global middle

Alas, I doubt anyone will pay
attention this time around, but I like the theory that whichever party loses
this election will adopt a radical centrist platform next time around. We can