The Human Face of Evil

Centroids has recently been graced by two
movingly eloquent posts by Nate Cull on the nature of

* The human face of Nazi evil

* Glover’s ‘moral armour‘, and evil as a multiheaded beast able to permeate
one’s own skin

Nate is a New Zealander
who called forth my dream of a happy revolution when he first joined us. He
also inspired me to write down my own views under “Radical Evil: A Human

Nate gets a
bonus point for finding a loophole in Godwin’s
: he managed to use a (non-slanderous) reference to Nazism to make
a crucial philosophical and moral point about the evil that lurks within all of
us [rather than having it terminate the discussion, as predicted in Godwin’s

Addendum: check out our commentary on Dr. Martin
Luther King Jr.
‘s closely-related sermon, “Loving Your Enemies .” (9/18/2004).