Pundita explains democracy, globalization, and the Bush Doctrine

Hat tip to Winds of Change for introducing me to Pundita, one of the most brilliant analysts I’ve
found on the Blogosphere; I’ve added her (?) to my feeds to

Which returns me to the need
for sensible people everywhere to start talking as much sense as possible to
their government, including the one in Beijing. What’s important is not the word
‘democracy;’ what’s important are the ideas behind it, and the truth that
democracy makes for the best form of government in the age of megapopulations.
So the task is to find a way to translate the same universal ideas which Bush
sketched into one’s own language and cultural referents.

Our parents’ generation got us this
far. They did the best they could. Now it’s our turn to keep the human race
lurching along. This time around, we need all hands on deck. There’s no use
bemoaning the shipwrecks of bad government. One must take the position that to
be human is to err — but work fast, very fast, to correct the most glaring