The California Center for Creative Policy Options

One of the weaknesses of Arnold’s reforms is that there hasn’t been a
solid intellectual foundation for — and thorough vetting of — some of his more
radical yet important ideas. A few of the reformers in the Assembly have been
discussing the possibility of a bipartisan think-tank to address this need.
When I first heard of this, I was both attracted and repelled:
because it recognizes and tries to
address such a vital problem
because I feel the traditional think
tank is a poor tool for solving that

In response, I wrote up my own
thoughts on what an ideal political policy organization could and should be.
Nominalist that I am, I christened this hypothetical envisioning the California Center for Creative Policy Options,
for which I grabbed the euphonious domain (which doesn’t actually go
anywhere). I even took advantage of Keynote‘s new export capabilities to create a

I’ve provided some copies to
friends in Sacramento, and they seemed interested. We’ll see if anything

P.S. For Star Wars fans, the
acronym CCCPO – i.e., C3PO — was deliberate homage to its intended role as
translator between many different ‘protocols’ and communities.