A Radical Centrist perspective on Gay Unions

My friend Jay over at The Radical Centrist had a
refreshingly balanced and well-considered piece on Connecticut’s handling of gay marriage , by
affirming both civil unions *and* traditional heterosexual
So there are two separate issues;
respecting the rights of gays and encouraging the “maturing” of the gay
community, and respecting the ancient importance of traditional marriage and
deepening our commitment to family. Two things…and Connecticut has affirmed
both. Very good!
As I said, there are some who want to
see those issues confused….A gay union, even at its best, may well be nearly
equivalent to many of today’s heterosexual unions, but it is not an equivalent
to what marriage ought to be and perhaps could be again. I, like many others,
would very much like to maintain that distinction in the hope that someday we
can restore a cultural respect for traditional marriage.
Hear, hear!