The NAF does Sacramento

Update: Due to strong demand, the event moved
across the street to “915 N St., Room 500”

The New America Foundation, America’s premier
radical-centrist think tank, is getting heavily into California politics. This
week they’re guests at a California Research Bureau event right here
(noon at 915 N St., Room 500 in

California is
struggling to cope with a wide array of serious policy challenges: Job creation,
education, health care costs, a budgetary crisis, political leadership,
immigration and regional inequities. An opportunity exists to tackle these
issues head on, but partisanship and parochialism threaten to stifle real
progress. The New America Foundation?s
will deliver
its cutting-edge analysis of the ?State of the State? in Sacramento
on January 20, 2005.Ę Panelists will provide innovative solutions to the
most vexing policy problems facing the

In addition, their
fingerprints are all over the proposal for individual health-care mandates, which have
drawn Arnold’s attention as a market-based way to provide universal coverage.
Here’s hoping for the best!

they also published an essay on Alternate Voting Systems in the Sacramento Bee,
which has some similarities to my proposal to reengineer the legislature .