Arnold Takes On Sacramento

In yesterday’s State of the State, Governor
Schwarzenegger officially took up the mantle of radical
centrist reform
: Columnist Dan Walters used
the term centrist
, and his colleague Daniel Weintraub called
his reforms radical
— but both saw it as our best (and perhaps last)
chance for improved governance.

agree. In fact, Arnold appears to have adopted all five items from my recommended
— which admittedly says more about my perceptiveness than my
influence. Fiscal, Educational, Energy, Electoral and Penal reform are after
all pretty obvious issues (though I did overlook pension reform). True, he
doesn’t go quite as far as I would on the last two, but that’s understandable
given the size of the fight ahead of him. I do wonder whether some of my ideas
like automated redistricting would make it an easier sell, but he’s so radical
already (by Sacramento standards) that anything more innovative would probably
fry people’s brains…