Tsunami Impact on Andamans

Somewhat off topic, but today I posted an article
from my father about the Andaman Islands, where his brother ran a mission
agency — before the islands were effectively destroyed by the tsunami.
Early reports indicate that that region may well have suffered the greatest per
capita damage, with perhaps half their population being killed, which would
account for roughly 10% of the worldwide death toll.

If you would like to contribute to my
uncle’s resettlement efforts, checks can be made to Shiloh Evangelistic Mission
and sent to Rev. Vasanth Edward, 7 Ali Khan Rd. Alandur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu,
India 60017. Or, if tax deduction is needed, make your check out to Faith
Lutheran Church and send it to Dr. John Prabhakar, 212 Drake, Rochelle. IL
61068. Thank you.