Dan Walters on “Radical Centrists” in Sac Bee

My journalistic hero Dan Walters used the term
radical centrist‘ for the first time in one of
his highly-regarded

Today, with politics
increasingly dominated by jihad warriors of the right and left who battle each
other to a stalemated draw, the only ones willing to break with the status quo
and propose new paths are what one might term the
,” which at first blush
sounds like a contradiction in

He uses it as a modern
counterpart to the old-fashioned term “Tory reformer,” or a full member of the
system who nonetheless attacks it on principled grounds (like Teddy Roosevelt or
Benjamin Disraeli). To be sure, he defines it in a slightly different context
than the radical middle movement, but the sentiment is
the same. Regardless, having Dan introduce the term gives it very positive
connotations we can draw on later.

also praises Republican Assemblyman Keith Richman as exemplifying that spirit.
Definitely someone to watch, as he may run for California Treasurer next