California Reform Package

Our friend Dan Walters suggested a California Reform Proposal for Arnold
Schwarzenegger to request in a Special Election next year. He argues for a
moderate approach,

the worst thing
Schwarzenegger could do would be to propose something so radical as to alienate
middle-of-the-road voters who are understandably leery of nostrums purporting to
cure California’s ills. If he proceeds, Schwarzenegger must advance reforms that
are both reasonable and understandable, and that do not appear to favor one
political, social or economic faction. He must be able to sell the package, as
he has sold himself, as benefiting the broader

The key components he
recommends are:

* Streamlining the state’s
organizational structure

* Independent
redistricting, plus transparent financing

Moving from Pensions to Defined Contribution public retirement

* Partly shift income tax to local
government, in exchanges for moving sales tax to the

* Move to multi-year budgeting, with a
spending cap and separate special/general

Sounds good to me! We’ll see
what Arnold thinks…