KIDS accounts for every American?

Our friends at the New America
have just gotten a bill introduced that would establish
IRA-style trust funds for every American child. While I
have some reservations about the idea, I appreciate the creativity and spirit
behind it. I particularly admire the effort to provide responsibility along
with the reward:

To signal that
the Kids Account was not something for nothing, and to help endow the next
generation of kids, the accountholder must begin paying back the $500 at-birth
deposit at age 30. The ASPIRE Act was introduced in the Senate by Sen. Santorum
(R-PA) and Sen. Corzine (D-NJ) and in the House by Rep. Ford (D-TN), Rep. Petri
(R-WI), Rep. Kennedy (D-RI), and Rep. English

Here’s to bipartisan
creativity. Not perfect, but it is a start.